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Teens’ screen time will be automatically limited by TikTok

New settings are being added to TikTok in an effort to limit the amount of time teenagers spend using the program. According to an upgrade, kids under the age of 18 will now automatically default to a daily screen usage limit of 60 minutes.

Teens will still be able to exceed the daily limit after the update, but doing so will require them to input a passcode, forcing them to “make an active decision to extend that time,” according to the business. TikTok will also remind teens to establish a limitation if they spend over than 100 minutes with in app, even if they decide to completely off the screen time limit.

The business is also introducing additional parental control capabilities through the “Family Pairing” function of the app, which enables parents to keep an eye on their kids’ TikTok behavior. Parents are going to be able to establish their own personal screen time restrictions and access a dashboard with statistics about their child’s app usage, such as how frequently they activate it and when they use it the most. Also, parents can opt to filter topics from their children’s For You feeds and establish a time frame for when their kids can receive notifications.

The change comes as American politicians are redoubling their efforts to outright outlaw TikTok. Congress has slammed the firm for not doing more to protect its youngest customers in addition to concerns about national security.



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