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Apple is developing AR/VR headgear to assist those with eye diseases

According to information provided over the weekend by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman in his most recent PowerOn email, future iterations of the AR/VR gear that Apple is working on could benefit those with eye ailments. According to Gurman, Apple has a specialized XDG team investigating solutions for upcoming AR/VR headsets that will benefit those with vision problems, as well as upcoming display technologies, AI, and other possibilities.

Accessibility has always been a top goal for the company, even though specifics of what Apple is developing for a future AR/VR headset are not yet known. As part of Apple’s commitment to make its products useable by everyone, the iPhone, iPad, and Mac all come with a number of accessibility settings that provide further assistance with various visual, hearing, and movement impairments.

More than a dozen cameras are rumored to be present in the initial version of the AR/VR headgear, some of which will be used to map the user’s immediate surroundings. If the headset has this capability, it might be able to provide blind users with audible directions in addition to supplementary image perception for people who are legally blind or who suffer from additional visual impairments.

Certain features might be used by those with conditions like AMD (Age-Related Macular Degeneration), which causes blank spots in the vision. Real-time streaming video may reportedly be changed, and objects can be moved into places that AMD patients can view, using floating lenses in Oculenz AR Wear glasses, according to sources.

Although we haven’t heard anything about particular accessibility settings for Apple’s initial AR/VR headset, it stands to reason that even the first model will include some concessions based on The concern the corporation has for accessibility on its other products.

We have a special AR/VR roundup that compiles all of the current rumors for further information on what to anticipate from the AR/VR headset that Apple will release this year.



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